Within/Without (Systems)

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Within/Without (The System)

12:30 PM - 1:30PM

Thinking outside of the traditional hierarchy of mentorship, scholars and practitioners have created informal events and spaces for skill sharing with academically underrepresented communities. These tools and familiar environments support the innovation of new research models, extended research networks, and strategies for advancing their professional development.

Daniela Bascunan


Dr. Daniela Bascuñán is an elementary teacher who engages practitioner research with students using storied approaches to relational knowledge. She is interested in the possibilities that emerge when inviting students’ individual and ancestral stories in a classroom, and how those stories are co-constituted with grand colonial narratives. Juxtaposing these stories generates productive tensions and inquiries about relationality, time, place, self, and Land. Daniela simultaneously puts students in the path of treaty education, as a way to equip them with the knowledges necessary to fulfill treaty responsibilities, while uncovering and disrupting the logics of settler-colonialism.  

Carmela Alfaro-Laganse


Carmela Laganse is an artist and Associate Professor in the School of the Arts at McMaster University. Laganse’s practice engages with intersections of embodied experience and perception as well as exploring the agency embedded in objects and environments. Her work explores the impact of colonialism, diasporic communities and considers how these things contribute to material culture and identity. Working in a variety of media, she often builds interactive work or portable, modular environments that playfully and critically integrate physical, emotional, ritualistic, and intellectual processes through an intersectional lens.

Immony Men


Immony Mèn is an artist, educator, and community-based researcher. He is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Science at OCAD University. As an artist, he has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been awarded municipal, provincial, and federal arts council grants to support his work. His research focuses on developing a theoretical framework for understanding (specifically Khmer/Cambodian) diasporic experience through media praxis, critical race theory, and various forms of community engagement. Men’s practice takes the form of research-creation projects such as interactive installations, interdisciplinary performances, social artworks, and participatory community projects. Works include Receipts, Fabulous Ones, Post-Colonial Hot Ones, Traversal Residency, Passing through the Heart, Shadows!, Cite, Chthulucene, Powers of Kin, Everything in Place, and Taking Care of Business. Immony is co-director of Public Visualization Lab / Studio.


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